Monday, March 30, 2009

Ode to my Lonely Blog...or...My Life is a Gilded Pile of Poop, by A. Fabulous

I haven't written in a while due to the overwhelming, all encompassing, poop storms from which the husband and i have been seeking shelter. We are trying to move into a new home. It has been TERRIBLE. I really don't even want to talk about it. But here are the highlights of the weekend.

- My cat oscar broke his leg and is now in a kitty cast.

- My husband got the moving van stuck in the Alabama red clay mud pit in our new backyard- then it started sliding downhill slow-mo-style only to be stopped by the neighbor's new fence. No real tragedy though, only minor damages and a 95 dollar tow truck experience.

-Did I mention the buckets and buckets of rain that fell on Alabama the weekend we wanted to move?

-Our new house still has no refridgerator, hasn't been cleaned since the previous renters, and we found out 2 days ago that theres no hot water and no thermostat...although there is central heating and air, just no way to adjust it... all of this was supposed to have been fixed, replaced, remedied, whatever, before we moved in....

The craziest part is, this house is so nice! Its adorable on the inside. Got tons of charm, updated kitchen and bathroom, working fireplace, all the windows a girl could want, the yard is a wreck but I like to think that it has "potential".... I can't figure out where it all went wrong, but its definately wrong.

I'm exhausted. And I can't even enjoy the fact that we almost live in a house for the first time in 6 years, becuase theres so much crap to wade thru.... ugh. One of these days I'm gonna post something happy again. One of these days I'm gonna look back at all this and find it mildly amusing. But now I'm going to punch a clown in the face.

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  1. Oh no... that really IS a pile of poop! But I can't stop laughing at that picture...

    Just think, you'll be Double Aunt Fab soon! That's a day brightener, yes??