Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Signal/No More Ms. Braggy Pants

This weekend was BUSY. My hubs and I participated in the Sidewalk Scramble! You get 48 hours to create a 5 min film. There are also some "rules of inspiration" that each team must follow. We could choose between comedy or tragedy (I think it was tragedy, I can't really remember- we chose comedy, obviously) Then we had to draw the sub-genres from a hat to determine in which catagory our film would fall- I drew Horror. (gasp!) We traded with someone else for Sci-Fi/Fantasy. (sigh of relief) Finally, we rolled a pair of dice to determine the number of characters- we got 5- and we had to include the dice somewhere in the film. This weekend was uber-fun. I spent all morning on saturday running around town snapping pictures that clarke could use in his animation -oh yea, Clarke animated the whole thing by himself, AND did all the voices, AND chose all the music, AND did the editing- Clarke didn't sleep all weekend. He finished the final cut yesterday evening at 7:45- the film was due at 8:00p. So we jumped in the car and i sped us to the drop off point- We made it!!! In the car on the way home, I expected Clarke to fall asleep immediately, he was a little punchy, but all he could talk about was how much fun he had! FUN? i mean, I had a good time taking pictures and driving all over B'ham, but if i had to stay up for 48 hrs and make a movie all by myself, I would not call it a good time. My hubs is amazing- he loves what he does! Now will someone please pay him to do what he loves? thank you.

But what is the film about, you ask? You will have to wait and see. The judging is on Wednesday- so Thursday I will post the film right here!

And what did i give away this weekend? Well, I am having an issue with the 29-gifts challenge. I'm starting to feel like a braggy-pants, always talking about the nice things i'm doing for others. SO. I'm not gonna talk about it anymore, I'm just gonna give and have it be my own personal challenge. What really got to me was the "community" at I kept posting my "gives" on my little blog at that site, and people were saying the nicest things to me. Things like, "great job, Helen" and "what a nice give!" and " keep up the good work"- and i know it was supposed to make me feel good, (those people are super nice.) but it made me feel...not good. I don't really know how to describe it. I guess i want to say, "don't compliment me for doing something that i should be doing anyway". I don't need to hear, "you are doing such a great job at being nice to other people!" I should be nice to people everyday of my life, whether its a challenge I'm participating in or not. I am doing this 29 day give, but i want it to turn in to a life time of giving. I want to give everyday. And I don't want/need to be encouraged and complimented. So thank you so much all you sweet people who said such wonderful things to me- your encouragement was welcome and appreciated. But no more. By keeping quiet about my gives, I can give more freely, more openly, and more honestly. So look out world- I'm gonna make my mark, anonomously, one gift at a time.

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