Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fabulous Christmas!!!

Hope everyone has a Happy Christmas full of love, family, food and fabulous-ness!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Fabulous Friday-#2. . .


Today i am celebrating 2 ladies who make my world a happier place. . . my Girls Club Girls--Hannah and Amanda! I could not make it through a day without them. They make our workplace fun and fabulous. And yesterday they surprised my with a girls club christmas extravaganza--they strutted into my cube and showered me with presents. Thank you so much, Hannah and Amanda!! Today I am celebrating our friendship. . .

Girls Club

Fabulous Amanda. . .

And Fabulous Hannah. . .

Love these girls!!!

Happy Friday everyone!! See ya next week. . .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesdays Are Tricky

yep. they are. Cause it isn't Monday, so you don't have that heavy saddness of an entire work week streched out before you into seeming infinity. And it isn't wednesday, the day you crest the hill and begin your hands-in-the-air free fall into your weekend. Thursday is your "almost Friday" so there is a lightness and an optimisim to that day. And Friday, well, I believe i covered that a few blogs ago. Tuesday just sits there, no real identity, no real agenda. . . Tuesday just is.

And on this Tuesday, I wanna share with y'all one of my favorite things. . . spray paint!!! I am facinated with this medium. So many ways to use it! Below are some images- a few I took myself, and some i lifted from other folks web pages or blogs. . . and if you happen to see your work and i haven't credited you, I am truly sorry- I didn't take very good notes- I will get better at this i promise!

This is a place in Queens, NY called "5 points". Here on this city block graffiti art is legal. "5 Points" is a 15min train ride from Times Square so if you are ever in the city, let me know and i will give you directions- you must see this! Here are more pics. . .

Look at that face!! Can you believe that was done with spray paint?

Now if you aren't so much into painting large murals with your spray cans- i hear your little finger gets pretty tired of pushing down on the nozzle- then here are some smaller projects to inspire you. . .

like spray-painted chandeliers!

Or spray painted chairs!

Or a spray painted wall sconce! I believe this was a sconce bought from Home Depot or Lowes and the designer used Krylon high gloss paint to create this masterpiece! It looks like enamel!! So Fabulous! ( and i can't remember where i pulled this pic from- but I'm thinking it might be from a designer featured on Design Sponge, one of my favorite crafty blogs!! )

And would you please look at this FAbulous spraypainted headboard I found on . . aMAHzing!

So- theres your inspiration for today. Go buy a can of spray paint and tag something (legally please.) Have a great day everyone----See ya tomorrow!

Monday, December 15, 2008

not feeling particularly fabulous. . .

My weekend was hijacked. I wanted to do one thing this weekend and one thing only. . . well actually i wanted to do TWO things. . . and two things only!!

1. Attend choir practice- which i did and heartliy enjoyed!

2. Have crafty time: a time in which aunt fabulous sits by herself and creates stuff while watching "sense and sensibility", or "ledgend", or "somewhere in time", or "princess bride". I know- it sounds like the worlds most perfect day. . .

I did not get to have crafty time. My weekend was hijacked.

Heres how everything went down. . .

Friday evening: Christmas party at the bosses home- was a lovely affair and the food was delicious, but there were no crafts involved.

Saturday morning: choir practice- yay!

Saturday midday: grocery shopping- boo!

Saturday evening: Christmas party with friends- another lovely affair, food and drink were spectacular. We played dirty santa and i won "White Christmas" on dvd. . .

At that point i thought, "Oh yeah- this is lookin up. Sunday I'm gonna put "White Christmas" on repeat and make scarves and fininsh my crossstitch and sew tiny santa hats for my friends Lou and Dineane's bunnies!". . . sadly this did not happen. . read on. . .

Sunday morning: woke up late due to an excess of food, drink, and general merry making the night before, met my inlaws for lunch at Joels (delicious down home cookin- highly reccomended!)

Sunday midday: went to my inlaws house and hung out while my husband fixed mom williams' computer. I got to spend some real quality time with dad williams, such a dear man!!

Sunday evening: went to my amy's house (amy is my sis-in-law) and went thru 20 shopping bags full of christmas decorations- I took home about half of her stuff- it was glorious. Got home around 10p.

So- you are thinking to yourself, "Aunt Fab? What is wrong with you? You spent all weekend eating and drinking and playing with the people you love most in the world!! You are being a whiny, selfish, little baby" And you are correct. This weekend was full to bursting with fun!! But you know what? It wasn't what i had planned. I needed a break. I needed some "me time". You know what i mean? Sometimes you just need a break.

However, I'm so thankful to have such fabulous friends and family. If my weekend had to be hijacked I could not ask for more agreeable abductors!

And now- a funny picture to brighten everyones Monday!!

Bye y'all!! See ya tuesday. . .

Friday, December 12, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Ever since I started my M-F, 9-5 jobby-job, I understand why everyone makes such a big deal about Friday. Fridays are pretty fabulous. So, to celebrate, each Friday i will post something that i think is particularly fab. Sound good? Great! Here we go.

Today we celebrate an artist I discovered at Birmingham's ArtWalk. In a word, FABULOUS. I am saving my money now in order to buy one of his original works. "But, Aunt Fabulous, what is this dude's name?" ok ok ok (drum roll please) JOHN LYTLE WILSON!!!! I dont think I can begin to describe this guys work- you're just gonna have to see for yourself. Below is a snap shot i took with my phone of an actual painting from his "Corrected Paintings" series ( I doubt that was a very couth thing for me to do, taking a picture of an artists painting right in front of the artist, but i just couldn't help it- these paintings are so damn awesome!).

See what i mean? Fabulous. I think this one is my favorite. Its as if Robots invaded a Bob Ross painting! (by the by, Bob Ross is my favorite artist of all times and i am forever on the lookout for a Ross Original- if anyone has one they would like to get rid of, lemme know!) Please visit Mr. Wilson's site and wander through his many fabulous works. I love his use of color- so bright, so bold- and his subject matter. . . does it get any better than monkeys, unicorns, and robots? (just to mention a few!) Its poppy, its iconic, and it makes me smile real big! SO- Hooray for John Lytle Wilson! Hooray for Friday! Hooray for Fabulous!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This Little Piggys Turning FABULOUS!

Aunt Fabulous working her magic on the chandelier- ummm- can you say FABULOUS?

So- It was a pig themed party. . . we didn't buy anything in the way of decorations, just ran around mama's house grabbing anything pink or pig-like. . .

"But I don't wanna wear the bow", says the Birthday Girl


Sally says, "I'm overwhelmed"

Sally and her mama, my Fabulous sister, Mary Lovett Beck!
By the by, Sally is sporting a sweater crocheted by Aunt Fabulous- A. Fabulous Design indeed!

And the Grand Finale. . . .

Heres one last shot of the whole Fabulous Family. . . .

Introducing. . . . Baby Fabulous!!!!

Here she is- the love of my life! My sweet niece, Sally Beck. Her cuteness is overwhelming, is it not? She is just now learning how to walk and i don't think any child has ever learned to walk so perfectly. Isn't it funny/predictable/universal that whenever a child you love learns how to do something new you think, "this child must be a genious! no other child in the wide world has ever flung peas the way this child flings peas! No other child could possibly grow teeth with such speed and efficiency. There is no drool as drippy and fluid as my baby's drool!!!" Its ridiculous. We just had her first birthday (no child has ever turned one year old the way that Sally turned one!!) Stay tuned for a few photos of the best One year birthday party EVER.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First things First

I got one word for ya- FABULOUS. Thats me, the one in the sombrero. And this is my blog. This is my first foray into the blogosphere and i'm not too sure what i think about it. Here are some of my blog-phobias:
1.will i be accepted by all the seasoned bloggers?
2. will people laugh at me, not with me?
3. do i have interesting things to say?
4. will i remember to post something every so often (unlike my "my face" accounts that i completely ignore. . . )
5. can i sustain the degree of fabulous-ness required to maintain a blog entitled "A.Fabulous Design"?

The answer to #5 is- Oh HELL YES!!
Cause who am I? AUNT FABULOUS!!!

And maybe tomorrow I will tell you why I am called Aunt Fabulous. . . maybe.