Monday, December 15, 2008

not feeling particularly fabulous. . .

My weekend was hijacked. I wanted to do one thing this weekend and one thing only. . . well actually i wanted to do TWO things. . . and two things only!!

1. Attend choir practice- which i did and heartliy enjoyed!

2. Have crafty time: a time in which aunt fabulous sits by herself and creates stuff while watching "sense and sensibility", or "ledgend", or "somewhere in time", or "princess bride". I know- it sounds like the worlds most perfect day. . .

I did not get to have crafty time. My weekend was hijacked.

Heres how everything went down. . .

Friday evening: Christmas party at the bosses home- was a lovely affair and the food was delicious, but there were no crafts involved.

Saturday morning: choir practice- yay!

Saturday midday: grocery shopping- boo!

Saturday evening: Christmas party with friends- another lovely affair, food and drink were spectacular. We played dirty santa and i won "White Christmas" on dvd. . .

At that point i thought, "Oh yeah- this is lookin up. Sunday I'm gonna put "White Christmas" on repeat and make scarves and fininsh my crossstitch and sew tiny santa hats for my friends Lou and Dineane's bunnies!". . . sadly this did not happen. . read on. . .

Sunday morning: woke up late due to an excess of food, drink, and general merry making the night before, met my inlaws for lunch at Joels (delicious down home cookin- highly reccomended!)

Sunday midday: went to my inlaws house and hung out while my husband fixed mom williams' computer. I got to spend some real quality time with dad williams, such a dear man!!

Sunday evening: went to my amy's house (amy is my sis-in-law) and went thru 20 shopping bags full of christmas decorations- I took home about half of her stuff- it was glorious. Got home around 10p.

So- you are thinking to yourself, "Aunt Fab? What is wrong with you? You spent all weekend eating and drinking and playing with the people you love most in the world!! You are being a whiny, selfish, little baby" And you are correct. This weekend was full to bursting with fun!! But you know what? It wasn't what i had planned. I needed a break. I needed some "me time". You know what i mean? Sometimes you just need a break.

However, I'm so thankful to have such fabulous friends and family. If my weekend had to be hijacked I could not ask for more agreeable abductors!

And now- a funny picture to brighten everyones Monday!!

Bye y'all!! See ya tuesday. . .

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