Thursday, December 11, 2008

Introducing. . . . Baby Fabulous!!!!

Here she is- the love of my life! My sweet niece, Sally Beck. Her cuteness is overwhelming, is it not? She is just now learning how to walk and i don't think any child has ever learned to walk so perfectly. Isn't it funny/predictable/universal that whenever a child you love learns how to do something new you think, "this child must be a genious! no other child in the wide world has ever flung peas the way this child flings peas! No other child could possibly grow teeth with such speed and efficiency. There is no drool as drippy and fluid as my baby's drool!!!" Its ridiculous. We just had her first birthday (no child has ever turned one year old the way that Sally turned one!!) Stay tuned for a few photos of the best One year birthday party EVER.

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