Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesdays Are Tricky

yep. they are. Cause it isn't Monday, so you don't have that heavy saddness of an entire work week streched out before you into seeming infinity. And it isn't wednesday, the day you crest the hill and begin your hands-in-the-air free fall into your weekend. Thursday is your "almost Friday" so there is a lightness and an optimisim to that day. And Friday, well, I believe i covered that a few blogs ago. Tuesday just sits there, no real identity, no real agenda. . . Tuesday just is.

And on this Tuesday, I wanna share with y'all one of my favorite things. . . spray paint!!! I am facinated with this medium. So many ways to use it! Below are some images- a few I took myself, and some i lifted from other folks web pages or blogs. . . and if you happen to see your work and i haven't credited you, I am truly sorry- I didn't take very good notes- I will get better at this i promise!

This is a place in Queens, NY called "5 points". Here on this city block graffiti art is legal. "5 Points" is a 15min train ride from Times Square so if you are ever in the city, let me know and i will give you directions- you must see this! Here are more pics. . .

Look at that face!! Can you believe that was done with spray paint?

Now if you aren't so much into painting large murals with your spray cans- i hear your little finger gets pretty tired of pushing down on the nozzle- then here are some smaller projects to inspire you. . .

like spray-painted chandeliers!

Or spray painted chairs!

Or a spray painted wall sconce! I believe this was a sconce bought from Home Depot or Lowes and the designer used Krylon high gloss paint to create this masterpiece! It looks like enamel!! So Fabulous! ( and i can't remember where i pulled this pic from- but I'm thinking it might be from a designer featured on Design Sponge, one of my favorite crafty blogs!! )

And would you please look at this FAbulous spraypainted headboard I found on apartmentthearpy.com. . . aMAHzing!

So- theres your inspiration for today. Go buy a can of spray paint and tag something (legally please.) Have a great day everyone----See ya tomorrow!

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  1. The green sconce is from http://lauragunn.typepad.com/paintinmyhair/ & I LOVE it.