Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First things First

I got one word for ya- FABULOUS. Thats me, the one in the sombrero. And this is my blog. This is my first foray into the blogosphere and i'm not too sure what i think about it. Here are some of my blog-phobias:
1.will i be accepted by all the seasoned bloggers?
2. will people laugh at me, not with me?
3. do i have interesting things to say?
4. will i remember to post something every so often (unlike my "my face" accounts that i completely ignore. . . )
5. can i sustain the degree of fabulous-ness required to maintain a blog entitled "A.Fabulous Design"?

The answer to #5 is- Oh HELL YES!!
Cause who am I? AUNT FABULOUS!!!

And maybe tomorrow I will tell you why I am called Aunt Fabulous. . . maybe.

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