Friday, January 30, 2009

Fabulous Flickr Friday!

Please check this out.... 2 of my favorite flickr chicks... one is a dear friend of mine who takes such funny pics-- my favs are her pics of the food she and her husband eat/make. hilllarious. plus, shes vegan and lives in prague so the food always looks a little strange. The next is a chick i stumbled upon while reading another chicks blog. . . go, see, enjoy-- be inspired!! ITs Friday for heaven's sake!!

Marketa's lunch....

Ann-D draws every day in her moleskin day planner. She has 3 years worth of drawings-- they are wondrous!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Look what i found! I was pokin around on etsy and stumbled upon a BRILLIANT artist-- Badbird's Art and Embroidery Shop

I was thinking of using this artwork in a baby's nursery, but its not particularly childish. Its perfect for anyone who loves nature and has a slightly wacky sense of humor....enjoy!

"Frank the Gnome and John"

"Snail of Fury"

"Angry Bird"

"The Bluebird of Happiness and the Red Bird of Crankiness"- my personal favorite

Monday, January 26, 2009


thats the only word i've muttered under my breath in the last 10 minutes thats "fit for public comsumption" Today is stupid. Lets all just go home and pretend today never happened.

Heres something that will make us all smile......

Hope your day is better than mine.

Oh yeah- and my husband was just looking at my last blog entry and asked, "why do you keep putting to Ls at the end of the word 'control' ?" To which i replied, "prolly cause i don't know how to spell it- ya jerk!" So now i know how to spell "control". I guess you could say thats a good place to start.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Schedule

I'm 2.5 months away from 30. Now, I know that isn't old- but its older- and I'm feeling it. I feel behind schedule. . . like when i was born i was handed the schedule for my life and I just realized I am a few YEARS late to an important appointment. I know in my heart that there is no schedule. Everyone works in their own time and in their own way. But the dang social clock is ticking so loud that i can't hear myself think (or is that my biological clock- no wait- the alarm is going off on my biological clock- thats what that ringing sound is!!) I'm almost 30 and i still don't own a house, i don't own a car, hell I don't even own a dog! I just want to do so much and am having a hard time figuring how its all gonna smush into this time line i have created for myself.

The other night I cracked myself up. I was praying- correction- I was talking at God, telling God my schedule, MY timeline for the things i wanted to acomplish in the next year. I suddenly got the feeling that God was patiently listening to my lineup and quietly laughing at me. . . not in a mean way, but definately in an amused way. Like He appreciated my enthusiasm (and organizational skills) and was truly listening to the desires of my heart, but telling me to put the breaks on! Anything can happen- thats one of the great mysteries of life. Tomorrow is not a given, its a gift. I was instantly uncomfortable as i realized/remembered i was NOT in controll of my life. I need controll. I need my datebook and my google calendar, my big desk calendar with the inspirational quotes and the one that hangs on the wall in my cubicle with asinine sayings involving cats and kittens ("everything looks better with cat hairs on it"... what?) But at the same time i was comforted by the knowledge that someone far greater and more powerful than me, who loves me beyond all comprehension, WAS in control of my life. Thats a strange place to be- comfortable and uncomfortable all at once... kinda like laying on the beach, gazing at crystal clear water, warm sun, light breeze, corona in hand, and a crotch full of sand.

And now for something REALLY FABULOUS. (thank you natalie dee)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is Fabulous.

This is really happening. Today we inaugurate someone who brings with him Hope, Possibility, Grace. In the (paraphrased) words of Michelle Obama, I have never been so proud to be an American. . .

Lets celebrate y'all!!! Heres some of my favorite pics of our new president. . .

this one is designed by a great artist Shepard Fairey, and is a take off of his "Obey Giant" street art. . .

These posters were being given away for FREE by Brooklyn artists at the website I don't think they have any left, but they do great work- check it out!

Finally, I found a new favorite artist in my search for Obama art (Obamart?) Scott Hansen- His prints are for sale at ISO50 Shop. . . Birthday present to myself? absolutely.

Enjoy the day everyone- This is truely FABULOUS!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Life is a Musical

My fabulous husband found the tape of his proposal this weekend and put it on youtube, and I thought i would share it with y'all too.

Heres a little background. . . Clarke and I met in college and started doing musicals together- I was a theater major, and Clarke was in all the choirs at Auburn so we stole him when we needed great male voices for any of our musicals. We fell in love. And Clarke, becuase he knows me so well, and knows how much i loved to sing, and how i wished more people would just break out in song in everyday life, set his proposal to music, and then had the band play a song that i knew and let me sing my acceptance back to him. My husband sang with The Auburn Knights Orchestra. This all happened at the Knights reunion weekend- they have one every summer and all the members from each decade dating back to the 30s get together for a weekend and perform- Its a fabulous event!

Anyhoo-Last night we watched the proposal on youtube- I hadn't seen it for YEARS. I was blown away by how beautiful it was, but at the same time, got horribly embarresed at how bad i sound singing! And I said so. And I hurt Clarke's feelings. And I feel bad because i really do sound terrible singing, but Clarke reminded me (how could i forget!) that i had just been PROPOSED TO FOR HEAVENS SAKE! And then he told me to shut up and stop being so darn self concious and quit ruining one of the most precious moments of our life together. And he is right. So. I'm shutting up.

Please enjoy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fabulous Friday!!

Lets talk about how much i love wallpaper. . . ok? I LOVE it. I can't wait to own a house- I am gonna cover it with fabulous paper- top to bottom! Heres some of my current favorites:

All of this fabulous-ness was brought to you by the fine designers at walnut wallpaper or Wallpaper from the 70s. You MUST check it out.
Happy weekend everyone!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


its thursday. . . what? where did the week go? this is what i did all week:

Monday- hated life. I mean, what else are monday's good for?

Tuesday- Blogged about my cats. Sorry. I can't promise that won't happen again as I don't yet have any children so I treat my cats like people. Its a sickness.
Then I went to class and learned about finding the midpoint of two coordinates. . . I'm taking PreCal and Tech for Teaching this semester (oh yea- I'm back in school to get my masters in ED and spending the next few semesters taking all those "regular people" classes that my Theater Degree didn't require. Actors do not need math. Teachers do. Learn somethin new every day!)

Wednesday- I went to rehearsal with my friend Hannah. I'm in a little play that her church puts on every sunday. its cute and fun and the people are a real trip!

Thursday- Today I had a meeting with my advisor and i made an important decision. . . I am shifting my focus from MAsters in EArly childhood ed, to one in Special Ed. Heres why:
1. job security- I am almost assured a teaching position as this is a high demand area.
2. financial aide- none is offered for EArly childhood, but lots for special ed- again, high demand for this type of teacher
3. job satisfaction- this is the most important one. Theres a real need. The work will be challenging but oh so rewarding. And I think i will be good at it. I can't say that it will be a life long job, as i understand the burnout rate is significant, but i am young, spirited and a little naive. I'm gonna go for it.

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fuzzy Fight! Staring Oscar and Hampton

It was all very innocent at first. Sweet little fuzzies having their snuggle time. Then someone decides to bite an ear. . .

And yes- little Hampton was the victor. She always is! Mainly becuase Oscar is such a sweet boy- he lets her win.
I cannot believe i just blogged about my cats. . .

Monday, January 12, 2009

Only Monday

Its only Monday. Its only 1:20 on Monday, and i have already looked at all my favorite blogs, plus shopped for new apartments on craigslist. . . and i still have 3.5 hours to go. This is not lookin good my friends!
I would try to upload some funny pics for all to enjoy, but something funky is happening and I'm getting an error. . . again, this is not lookin good.
I'll try again in a bit- Hang in there everyone- Monday comes but once a week!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Fabulous Friday everyone!

Heres a little treat for ya- this is the wallpaper in my dear friend Neva Norris' diningroom. . . FABULOUS.

The paper is printed foil, so the back ground is shiny silver- seriously- I would not lie about something so fabulous. Neva, her husband Arley, and their son Barry moved to this home 30 years ago. The paper was up when they moved in and they never changed it! I can understand why- you don't mess with perfection!

My inlaws and I enjoyed Christmas lunch in Neva's diningroom this year- It was truly a delight!

The Masterpiece!

Sweet Ms. Neva

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Aarrrgghh. I was tagged by my good friend, Mrs. Hannahbananna. . . that means i now have to write 16 random things about myself, and then I'm supposed to tag 16 more people. . .

The only reason i am doing this is becuase its ridiculously slow at work and i haven't written anything in my blog for a few days- thats the ONLY reason. Otherwise, I would be like, "Quit wasting my time, Hannah- for real, don't you know i'm a busy woman!" OK- here goes:

1. When i was 6 I told my mama I wanted to have twin girls named Denim and Lace- that was just after i learned that you didn't have to name twins the same name.

2. I have a fear of falling from great heights- I'm not so much afraid of the height itself, just the idea of the freefall. . . and then the splattering on the ground.

3. I once did 11 back flips in a row on the trampoline

4. I once broke both of my arms at the same time after doing 11 back flips on the trampoline- on the 11th one i double bounced myself (aahhh-the cursed double bounce!) and went flying past the edge of the tramp and hurtling towards the ground.

5. I started my freshman year of highschool with both arms in a cast after doing 11 back flips on the trampoline, double bouncing on the 11th and crashing into the ground- I was VERY popular.

6. I learn songs really fast. By the time a song is over I have memorized the chourus and most likely a few verses as well.

7. When I was 15 I died my hair with coolaide (Rock-a-dile Red) I mixed the coolaide with peroxide, so my hair was permanently died this fabulous color of pinkish red for almost a whole year. My mom finally had enough and just before Easter she took me to a hair salon to see if they could get it out- they couldn't- they were amazed at my work.

8. I lived in NYC for 5 years and never once went to the Statue of Liberty- I had seen it once before when i was 17- Its not that great, alot smaller than you would think, actually.

9. I know the difference between hydrophillic and hydrophobic fibers and why they are both important components to any proper base layer. ( I used to sell clothes for Patagonia)

10. I once folded over 200 origami whales for an art instalation intended to raise awaredness about whale slaughter.

11. I have 4 younger sisters and one niece- no boys. We don't do boys in my family. However, all my sisters think i will be the first to have a boy. . . mainly becuase all i talk about is having a bunch of little girls- I have only girl names picked out, I have mainly girly ideas for nurserys, I only know how to dance and sing and act and do crafts and have never played a sport in my life.

oh wait- thats number 12!

12. I have never played a sport in my life. Ok, thats not entirely true- I was made to play dumb games like kick ball and basket ball and flag football in P.E.- but I have never voluntarily gone out for any organized sporting team. So yes, I will probably have 3 boys that will all want to play every sport and i will spend the rest of my life on the bleachers cheering my head off for a game i do not understand.

13. I am ready to start a family.

14. I dressed up as a bag of trash one year for Halloween- It was great! I had a bananna peel hat, earrings made from apple slices, I cut arm and leg holes in a garbage bag, stuffed it full of newspaper, and had gross things peeking out of the holes like diapers, an egg carton, milk jug- I think i wore grey tights too- It was fabulous!

15. I used to wear masses of black eyeliner- I think i was 18 at the time- I went through about 10 eyeliner pencils that year.

16. Some people's dreams are about flying, some people's dreams involve wild colors and impossible circumstances. . . I dream about redecorating houses. Seriously. Most of my dreams start like normal dreams, but the minute i enter a house, I start redecorating, adding extra rooms, organizing spaces. . . I have an obsession.

Wow- I made it! 16 random things about Aunt Fabulous!! And you STILL don't know why they call me Aunt Fabulous (besided the obvious fabulous-ness oozing from each and every posting, and the fact that I have a niece). Oh well- too bad for you! Maybe next time. . .

Monday, January 5, 2009

Well, I'm glad the holidays are over. They made me miss NYC (oh yea, I used to live in NYC- I should really give some back ground on myself for those of you, if there are any of you, who don't know me that well. . . maybe later) Anyway- holidays were a blur of food, family, drink, and oh yea- the FREAKIN FLU! But now i'm back and feeling fabulous and maybe a little bit sad. . .
So, go to this website and have a good cynical laugh! Happy New Year!!!