Thursday, January 15, 2009


its thursday. . . what? where did the week go? this is what i did all week:

Monday- hated life. I mean, what else are monday's good for?

Tuesday- Blogged about my cats. Sorry. I can't promise that won't happen again as I don't yet have any children so I treat my cats like people. Its a sickness.
Then I went to class and learned about finding the midpoint of two coordinates. . . I'm taking PreCal and Tech for Teaching this semester (oh yea- I'm back in school to get my masters in ED and spending the next few semesters taking all those "regular people" classes that my Theater Degree didn't require. Actors do not need math. Teachers do. Learn somethin new every day!)

Wednesday- I went to rehearsal with my friend Hannah. I'm in a little play that her church puts on every sunday. its cute and fun and the people are a real trip!

Thursday- Today I had a meeting with my advisor and i made an important decision. . . I am shifting my focus from MAsters in EArly childhood ed, to one in Special Ed. Heres why:
1. job security- I am almost assured a teaching position as this is a high demand area.
2. financial aide- none is offered for EArly childhood, but lots for special ed- again, high demand for this type of teacher
3. job satisfaction- this is the most important one. Theres a real need. The work will be challenging but oh so rewarding. And I think i will be good at it. I can't say that it will be a life long job, as i understand the burnout rate is significant, but i am young, spirited and a little naive. I'm gonna go for it.

Happy Thursday everyone!!


  1. I might forgive you for leaving the "h" off of the end of my name.....I just might.