Thursday, January 8, 2009


Aarrrgghh. I was tagged by my good friend, Mrs. Hannahbananna. . . that means i now have to write 16 random things about myself, and then I'm supposed to tag 16 more people. . .

The only reason i am doing this is becuase its ridiculously slow at work and i haven't written anything in my blog for a few days- thats the ONLY reason. Otherwise, I would be like, "Quit wasting my time, Hannah- for real, don't you know i'm a busy woman!" OK- here goes:

1. When i was 6 I told my mama I wanted to have twin girls named Denim and Lace- that was just after i learned that you didn't have to name twins the same name.

2. I have a fear of falling from great heights- I'm not so much afraid of the height itself, just the idea of the freefall. . . and then the splattering on the ground.

3. I once did 11 back flips in a row on the trampoline

4. I once broke both of my arms at the same time after doing 11 back flips on the trampoline- on the 11th one i double bounced myself (aahhh-the cursed double bounce!) and went flying past the edge of the tramp and hurtling towards the ground.

5. I started my freshman year of highschool with both arms in a cast after doing 11 back flips on the trampoline, double bouncing on the 11th and crashing into the ground- I was VERY popular.

6. I learn songs really fast. By the time a song is over I have memorized the chourus and most likely a few verses as well.

7. When I was 15 I died my hair with coolaide (Rock-a-dile Red) I mixed the coolaide with peroxide, so my hair was permanently died this fabulous color of pinkish red for almost a whole year. My mom finally had enough and just before Easter she took me to a hair salon to see if they could get it out- they couldn't- they were amazed at my work.

8. I lived in NYC for 5 years and never once went to the Statue of Liberty- I had seen it once before when i was 17- Its not that great, alot smaller than you would think, actually.

9. I know the difference between hydrophillic and hydrophobic fibers and why they are both important components to any proper base layer. ( I used to sell clothes for Patagonia)

10. I once folded over 200 origami whales for an art instalation intended to raise awaredness about whale slaughter.

11. I have 4 younger sisters and one niece- no boys. We don't do boys in my family. However, all my sisters think i will be the first to have a boy. . . mainly becuase all i talk about is having a bunch of little girls- I have only girl names picked out, I have mainly girly ideas for nurserys, I only know how to dance and sing and act and do crafts and have never played a sport in my life.

oh wait- thats number 12!

12. I have never played a sport in my life. Ok, thats not entirely true- I was made to play dumb games like kick ball and basket ball and flag football in P.E.- but I have never voluntarily gone out for any organized sporting team. So yes, I will probably have 3 boys that will all want to play every sport and i will spend the rest of my life on the bleachers cheering my head off for a game i do not understand.

13. I am ready to start a family.

14. I dressed up as a bag of trash one year for Halloween- It was great! I had a bananna peel hat, earrings made from apple slices, I cut arm and leg holes in a garbage bag, stuffed it full of newspaper, and had gross things peeking out of the holes like diapers, an egg carton, milk jug- I think i wore grey tights too- It was fabulous!

15. I used to wear masses of black eyeliner- I think i was 18 at the time- I went through about 10 eyeliner pencils that year.

16. Some people's dreams are about flying, some people's dreams involve wild colors and impossible circumstances. . . I dream about redecorating houses. Seriously. Most of my dreams start like normal dreams, but the minute i enter a house, I start redecorating, adding extra rooms, organizing spaces. . . I have an obsession.

Wow- I made it! 16 random things about Aunt Fabulous!! And you STILL don't know why they call me Aunt Fabulous (besided the obvious fabulous-ness oozing from each and every posting, and the fact that I have a niece). Oh well- too bad for you! Maybe next time. . .

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  1. #12 is by far my favorite. Rest assured that if you have all boys, I will be by your side to explain to you the rules of everything from baseball to rugby. That's what friends are for.