Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Something I have never done before

Picture this: Its mid-afternoon, say around 4:00, work is over, the dog has been walked, kitty boxes are cleaned out, dinner is decided upon (it was frozen pizza, no big surprise there) and I found myself with NOTING TO DO.

Well, thats not totally true. I do need to pack away all the Christmas stuff and clean up a little, but after the cluster you-know-what that we commonly refer to as "the Christmas Holiday" I don't consider a little sweeping to be a pressing matter. Plus I'm still enjoying my fabulous tree.


I had NOTHING TO DO. I think I stood stock-still in the middle of the living room for a minute straight. My mind was audibly buzzing as thoughts zoomed through, "am I supposed to be crocheting something? (no.) Who do I still need to write a letter to? (no one.) Ah ha! we need groceries! (no you did that yesterday.) Dinner? (pizza, duh)" It was all taken care of.

So you know what I did? I played Rock Band with Clarke until NINE THIRTY AT NIGHT!!! Something I have never done before.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All Kinds of Christmassy Up In Here!

Guess who got her camera back from the Geek Squad? MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! It seems there was a battery problem so the just gave me a new one. I have been steady taking pictures since Saturday- I can't stop. I don't want to stop.


Heres what I've been working on..... lets start with the Christmas Tree:

I made all the paper ornaments ( the birds and "pinwheel balls") and also made the big glitter balls with my sister Sally. The "pinwheel balls" are my favorite cause they pack alot of punch for how easy they are. And its a fun way to use old Christmas cards from years past that you couldn't bear to throw away..... (or is that just me? I can't bear to throw out any piece of paper that has a nice pattern or color, or a picture of a loved one!) I think this is my best tree so far. (and NO Clarke, I am not struggling with humility here. I didn't say it was one of THE best trees, I said it was one of MY best trees.... but now that you mention it, it could very well be one of THE best trees....)


I have been furiously crafting- having the time of my life- and wanted to give a little sneak peek....

Just in case the recipients of these craftings are visiting my blog, I don't want to spoil the surprise so thats all ya get for now.

I am so darn glad to have my camera back- can you tell?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stop asking me what I want for Christmas.... I'm busy.... crafting.

My husband keeps asking me what I want for Christmas. The answer surprised even me--- I don't really want anything. And I'm not being silly or coy or playing hard-to-buy-for. Not really. I mean it will be fun to see what Clarke chooses for me having virtually no direction or instructions. In the past I have always told him EXACTLY what I want. For a few years I treated Christmas like a personal shopping spree, bought whatever I wanted, wrapped it up, wrote my husbands name on the tag and told him, "thanks so much for the ______, honey. Its PERFECT!" And that was totally fun for me.

But this year I feel differently. Yes, there are things that I want and need.... But I have to be honest, I am having so much fun buying and making things for my family and friends, all I really want for Christmas is to be left alone in my craft room with glitter and fabric, glue and ribbons, yarn and my imagination. I wish my camera was working right now because I need to document my crafti-ness. I'm making most of the decorations for my tree this year out of paper- different size balls made from old Christmas cards (inspired by Martha), a few animal silhouettes, and a big star for the topper. And naturally ALL the aforementioned are appropriately slathered in sequins, glitter, beads and feathers.

I also discovered a FABULOUS new store in Birmingham- Frontera ! And I suggest everyone visit their website and, if possible, their store. The people who own it are awesome and if they don't watch out I'm going to take their job. They go to Mexico twice a year and buy buy buy and then come back to the US and sell sell sell. They have stuff like this.......

and this.....
and even this....

And another cool thing? They often contract the talents of local and regional blacksmiths and artisans to create wrought iron furniture, or even alter existing furniture! For example, they can make a table for you out of iron, and if one day you decide to turn that table into a coffee table, they can chop off and reshape the legs for you! I LOVE This place. If I'm not giving you a homemade present this year, than it will most likely be coming from Frontera- so get ready.

So, in conclusion, stop asking me what I want for Christmas. And if you need me I am either at Frontera or covered in glitter.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A little on the Crafty Side.....

I may have mentioned this before, but I have the best in-laws a girl could asked for. This Thanksgiving was spent getting to know my mother-in-laws side of the family a little better and I had such a FABULOUS time! Aunt Linda (mom Williams' sister) is accomplished at all kinds of handwork- crochet, knit, sewing. For example, take a look at the gorgeous curtains she crocheted....

But I found out Aunt Linda also renovated her basement-turned it into a game room. And most recently she redid her bathroom, re-tiled, built an "open shower" ALL BY HERSELF. She has her own wood working shop in the basement with BIG saws, and nail guns, and caulk... I am jealous and she is amazing.

One of my most favorite surprises was finally meeting Uncle Hank, who is married to Mom Williams' baby sister Gene. Hank is pictured below on the porch of a little cottage he built for himself. Its a tool shed, a craft shop, a hangout and so much more. Hank calls it "Margaritaville"

I told Uncle Hank I was making a mobile to give to my Goddaughter Wynne, and he showed me the mobile he is making for one of the new babies at his church... I mean really? Coincidence? Perhaps. Solid proof that I married into the right family? Oh yes. Below are pieces of his mobile- fabulous little dragonflies and a gorgeous branch from which they will dangle. LOVE IT.

My favorite part of Margaritaville are the green doors. And yes, it does say "What would Jimmy Buffet do?" above the doorway. Look closely and you can see Hank has hung all different types of keys on the door frame. See, its the little touches that make me love this so much. Like the license that says "2 Chill".... Hank has a licence to chill....and chill he does.

Aunt Gene is also a force to be reckoned with. The pics below were taken in her sewing room. She works as a seamstress for an interior decorator and she has every color and kind of thread known to man, an industrial sewing machine, a serger, and a hemming machine... I want to sit in Gene's sewing room for a week and just watch her work. I should have taken more pics of the actual room, but I was mesmerized by this little contraption that Hank made. Its a "bench" for all Gene's bobbins- a "bobbin bench"- and the "seat" is lined with magnets so the little bobbins wont' go rolling around. Its brilliant. And very photogenic :)

And here are more pics of the table cloth that covered the "kids table" this Thanksgiving- I am crazy about it!

I was delighted to finally meet everyone on Mom Williams' side, and doubly delighted to find out how much we all had in common. Life is like that, isnt' it? Full of surprises and hidden treasures, if you just open your eyes, open your heart, and have faith.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Thanksgiving in Pictures... and a few words.

First of all, I got to hold Wynne for a LONG time. And it was perfect.

Then the Hubs and I went to Social Circle, GA for Thanksgiving celebrations with the in-laws. Clarke found a freakishly large strawberry in the Edible Arrangement..... and while yer at it, check out that freakishly long pointer finger (sorry honey, but you have to admit, your fingers are really long.)

We are thankful for the blue sky.

Aunt Linda did all the needlework on the tablecloth that dressed our Thanksgiving table. Fabulous? Heck yes.

Clarke and William playing "pool table"

This holiday was filled with crafty time which is just the way I like it. All my aunts and uncles-in-law are magnificently crafty. They build, they sew, they crochet and knit, they cook. I was in heaven. (More pics to come on this topic...)

After all the turkey was eaten ( and the craft projects completed) Clarke and I headed to Columbus, GA to celebrate Baby Fabulous' SECOND BIRTHDAY!!! (more pics to come on this topic as well.... but just to whet your appetite; it was a Circus Birthday. oh yeah.)

And what blog posting would be complete without a pic of my beloved animals? Hazel got to spend Thanksgiving with Amos, her brother, and Solo, that little yappy dog that follows them everywhere and nips at their tails.

So thats it for now, my friends. Until next time....... Be FABULOUS to each other.