Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stop asking me what I want for Christmas.... I'm busy.... crafting.

My husband keeps asking me what I want for Christmas. The answer surprised even me--- I don't really want anything. And I'm not being silly or coy or playing hard-to-buy-for. Not really. I mean it will be fun to see what Clarke chooses for me having virtually no direction or instructions. In the past I have always told him EXACTLY what I want. For a few years I treated Christmas like a personal shopping spree, bought whatever I wanted, wrapped it up, wrote my husbands name on the tag and told him, "thanks so much for the ______, honey. Its PERFECT!" And that was totally fun for me.

But this year I feel differently. Yes, there are things that I want and need.... But I have to be honest, I am having so much fun buying and making things for my family and friends, all I really want for Christmas is to be left alone in my craft room with glitter and fabric, glue and ribbons, yarn and my imagination. I wish my camera was working right now because I need to document my crafti-ness. I'm making most of the decorations for my tree this year out of paper- different size balls made from old Christmas cards (inspired by Martha), a few animal silhouettes, and a big star for the topper. And naturally ALL the aforementioned are appropriately slathered in sequins, glitter, beads and feathers.

I also discovered a FABULOUS new store in Birmingham- Frontera ! And I suggest everyone visit their website and, if possible, their store. The people who own it are awesome and if they don't watch out I'm going to take their job. They go to Mexico twice a year and buy buy buy and then come back to the US and sell sell sell. They have stuff like this.......

and this.....
and even this....

And another cool thing? They often contract the talents of local and regional blacksmiths and artisans to create wrought iron furniture, or even alter existing furniture! For example, they can make a table for you out of iron, and if one day you decide to turn that table into a coffee table, they can chop off and reshape the legs for you! I LOVE This place. If I'm not giving you a homemade present this year, than it will most likely be coming from Frontera- so get ready.

So, in conclusion, stop asking me what I want for Christmas. And if you need me I am either at Frontera or covered in glitter.

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