Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Thanksgiving in Pictures... and a few words.

First of all, I got to hold Wynne for a LONG time. And it was perfect.

Then the Hubs and I went to Social Circle, GA for Thanksgiving celebrations with the in-laws. Clarke found a freakishly large strawberry in the Edible Arrangement..... and while yer at it, check out that freakishly long pointer finger (sorry honey, but you have to admit, your fingers are really long.)

We are thankful for the blue sky.

Aunt Linda did all the needlework on the tablecloth that dressed our Thanksgiving table. Fabulous? Heck yes.

Clarke and William playing "pool table"

This holiday was filled with crafty time which is just the way I like it. All my aunts and uncles-in-law are magnificently crafty. They build, they sew, they crochet and knit, they cook. I was in heaven. (More pics to come on this topic...)

After all the turkey was eaten ( and the craft projects completed) Clarke and I headed to Columbus, GA to celebrate Baby Fabulous' SECOND BIRTHDAY!!! (more pics to come on this topic as well.... but just to whet your appetite; it was a Circus Birthday. oh yeah.)

And what blog posting would be complete without a pic of my beloved animals? Hazel got to spend Thanksgiving with Amos, her brother, and Solo, that little yappy dog that follows them everywhere and nips at their tails.

So thats it for now, my friends. Until next time....... Be FABULOUS to each other.

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