Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Something I have never done before

Picture this: Its mid-afternoon, say around 4:00, work is over, the dog has been walked, kitty boxes are cleaned out, dinner is decided upon (it was frozen pizza, no big surprise there) and I found myself with NOTING TO DO.

Well, thats not totally true. I do need to pack away all the Christmas stuff and clean up a little, but after the cluster you-know-what that we commonly refer to as "the Christmas Holiday" I don't consider a little sweeping to be a pressing matter. Plus I'm still enjoying my fabulous tree.


I had NOTHING TO DO. I think I stood stock-still in the middle of the living room for a minute straight. My mind was audibly buzzing as thoughts zoomed through, "am I supposed to be crocheting something? (no.) Who do I still need to write a letter to? (no one.) Ah ha! we need groceries! (no you did that yesterday.) Dinner? (pizza, duh)" It was all taken care of.

So you know what I did? I played Rock Band with Clarke until NINE THIRTY AT NIGHT!!! Something I have never done before.

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