Monday, January 4, 2010

What is this? Some kind of FAIRY MAGIC?

I have never seen anything like this in my life. Over the weekend I hiked Ruffner Mountain with my friend, Carrie, and my dog, Hazel. It was a frosty 32 degrees (thank you, Patagonia, for 5 years of retail experience and free long johns.) and were all having a lovely time. We had reached the highest elevation, tracing the spine of the mountain top, when I looked down the path and noticed white whispy things wrapped around the base of these tall dried up goldenrod-looking-plants. I thought to myself, "now why would someone tie plastic bags to the bottom of those weeds? Litter Bugs! Where's Captain Planet when ya need him?" I think Carrie was thinking the same thing because she suddenly bent down to one and said, "its ICE."

me: huh?

carrie: yeah, ice.

me: HUH?

(Hazel LOVES ice)

I grabbed my camera and started taking millions of pictures. Have you ever seen this before? Is this a miracle? Carrie and I deduced that the goldenrod-type-weed-plant must have become saturated with all the rain last week. Then, as the frosty air blew into town and the weeds began to freeze, water slowly seeped out and froze into these mind blowing formations. I am amazed. And SO great full to have seen this.

Oh no! Watch out for Hazel.....


And I went back to mountain yesterday to take even more pics- I just can't get enough! I'll probably post them soon..... Happy Wednesday!

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