Monday, January 18, 2010

If anyone needs to buy a gift, be it for a baby, a birthday, or for yourself (the best kind of gift :) I encourage you to visit Craft Hope's shop over at All items for sale have been donated by various artists and ALL proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Boarders in Haiti.

Also, if you visit the United Methodist Committee on Relief you can donate money, volunteer or, what I'm really digging right now, create relief kits. My church will be donating hundreds of Health Kits to the Haiti relief effort, but there are so many options: Bedding Kits, Birthing Kits, Layette Kits, School Kits.... They provide a download-able list of what items are required in each kit and a few important guidelines. These lists can be printed out and dispersed among your friends, neighbors, church congregation, school. All kits are mailed to one of a few "Relief Depots" around the nation, and finally shipped out to those in need. Its easy, inexpensive, and does real tangible good.

And thats what I need right now because I feel SO helpless. I can barely tune in to the news without crying. Lets keep the Haitians and all suffering people in our prayers. Whenever you get in your car remember you are blessed. Whenever you turn up the heat, remember you are blessed. When you go to school, fill up a glass of water from your sink, take a shower, kiss your baby, put on a warm jacket, eat food...... remember you are BLESSED.


  1. 脾氣與嘴巴不好,就算心地再好,也不算好人~~~..................................................

  2. I ran that sentence above thru Yahoo's "babel fish" translator and here's what it says:

    The temperament and the mouth are not good, even if the heart is again good, is also not good Human.....

    I don't know if someone actually wrote that or if it was some "robot"..... Bizarre!