Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hazel and I spent the first part of the week at my parent's house in Columbus, GA. This is where Hazel was born. One of Hazel's brothers, Amos, her Mama, Mae, the oldest dog in the world, Nick, and the little yappy dog, Solo live there too. It is a dog's paradise.

I always roll the windows down the minute we enter my parent's neighborhood. The breeze plays with our hair, familiar smells tease our noses. I swear its 10 degrees warmer and the sun is ever so slightly brighter. Both our tails are wagging. As we pull into the driveway Hazel is literally bouncing off the walls and ceiling of my little car. Its all I can do to safely park and extract myself before she explodes out of the backseat and into DOGGIE WORLD!! We love to be home.

This week at doggie world, the animals swam in the lake, chased squirrels, chewed on sticks, wrassled, and licked stuff. Hazel learned how to open my parent's front door by jumping up and pawing at the handle. And if the door is locked (because we humans are wise to her little trick) Amos will ring the doorbell. No kidding. They are quite a team!

Other than the dogs, my 4 sisters, Mama, Daddy, Grandmother, 2 Aunts and 2 nieces were home. Why, you ask? Check back with me tomorrow or the next day and you shall discover the answer to your query........

ps. the fabulous picture was taken by my friend , the lovely and talented artist Sam B. George.

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