Friday, March 6, 2009

Ice cream falling from the sky

One winter day I was stuck in bed with a mega flu. It was the winter of 2000, i think, and I was living with my husband (then my boyfriend- i know, its scandalous, but thats another blog for another time) It was a very sad winter day for a number of reasons, but foremost was the fact that it was snowing and I was sick!! Now, we went to Auburn University in Auburn, AL, and it don't snow down here in the ole dirty south too much. And when it does snow, its completely GONE by mid afternoon so you have to get all your snow-type activities taken care of before noon just to be safe. So, I woke up on that winter day feeling like a poop sandwich with a hangover, looked out my window, beheld the glorious freshly fallen snow, and said, "shit". My husband (then boyfriend/scandalous roomate) looked out the window and said, "ice cream!"...... huh? Thats right. My husband makes ice cream out of snow. Clarke swears that hes made this stuff his whole life, but whenever we talk to other people about it they look at us like we have 3 heads. "You scoop snow out of the yard, add milk, and eat it? and its actually good?" And to that I answer a resounding, "HECK YES".
So, to everyone who has never experienced the joy of snow ice cream, I give to you my Clarke's special recipe:

1. Harvest freshly fallen snow in a BIG mixing bowl. Clarke says the best place to get fresh snow is from the tops of cars- although don't take the part thats actually touching the car, just scoop off the top layer. Don't take it off the ground cause you don't know what bird or dog or bear poop might be under that snow...
2. drop a capfull of vanilla extract in the bowl and stir
3. start mixing in a can of sweetened condensed milk - you probably won't use the whole can, but use more than you think you should (i didn't say this was healthy, I just said it was delicious)
4. alternate a few drizzles of condensed milk with a splash of regular milk and stir it around- every so often take a little taste. Some people also like to add a few tablespoons of white sugar, but i think the condensed milk is sweet enough. You may need/want to add another drop of vanilla depending on how much snow you are working with. There is no hard and fast rule to how much of anything you need to add- you are going for the taste and consistency of vanilla ice cream, but its totally up to you how sweet you want this stuff. You know its ready when you can't stop the tasting.......

So, on that very glorious, and very sad winter day in Auburn, AL, my husband (then partner in sinful cohabitation) leapt out of bed and into the snow, and spent the rest of the afternoon delighting in his ice creamy joy. While i lay in the bed and moaned.

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