Friday, March 20, 2009

Just singing away

I was walking around B'ham last weekend when I heard this little birdie. I couldn't help but hear him. He was singing every song he knew at the top of his little birdie lungs. I could tell he was just as excited about spring as I was. It was a particularly glorious day in the South- one of those early spring days where the sun is warm, but the ground is still cool and the breeze feels like a sigh of relief.

I'm trying some new editing techniques with my pictures (if you can call retouching in Picasa editing.. I really need to be using photo shop for these, but am too sick of sitting in front of a computer by the time i get home from work...oh stop complaining, aunt Fab!) I am so inspired by this one photographer in particular- Mrs. French of the blog Bliss.

You can view and purchase her photography here and here.... What I love about her pics are the colors. They are faded and brilliant at the same time- How does she do that? She shoots mainly nature which I also really dig- and again, her COLORS are FABULOUS. I am seriously contemplating these three images for my personal collection:

1. life's a....

2. chosen

3. my favorite dahlia

4. pinwheel pinwheel

5. tied up

Yes, I know that was more than three. Once I got started choosign my favorites I just couldn't stop! Hey, my birthday is coming up.....

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