Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday..... family style

This is the Robinson Clan-My entire extended family on my mama's side. Thats my Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, First cousins, and spouses of first cousins... and the babies are all children of first cousins(is that second cousin?). I grew up with these people. At least once a year around labor day, we make it our business to get together at my grandmother's cabin and spend the weekend together- we eat, we drink, we tell stories, dress up in costumes and put on shows, and laugh so hard that all the women end up wetting their pants. I didn't always love this giant family though. When i was drowning in the sea of teen angst, I spent all of labor day weekend with headphones glued to my ears and a book 2 inches from my face. I was embarrassed by these freaks. All they did was talk about other people and lecture me about my life and my choices. They were too conservative, too southern, had too many children, were too religious. I was NOTHING like them. They didn't understand me- they had no idea what i was going through. I was CERTIAN I had been adopted. Oh, how things change. This family (and my Daddy's side too) have shaped me into a person I am not ashamed of- in fact, I like myself. I owe them all so much... I owe my aunts who wrote me so many letters brimming with love and hope when i was "in a bad place". I owe my uncles who, along with my daddy, cranked up the "beach music" and let me stand on their feet to dance. I owe my cousins who taught me how to steal smokes from yot-yot, how to put on one helluva talent show, and how to share. I owe my papa who started all this fabulous-ness and who ALWAYS had bubble gum for his grandchildren. I owe my grandmother whose faith is unshakable, whose love is unbreakable, and whose laughter is unstoppable!

Why all the nostalgia? I missed cousins weekend this year. 3 years ago the cousins decided we needed a weekend just for us- away from the "adults". And its an effort to continue this tradition of getting together year after year, even after all the "adults" are gone. And Its another excuse to eat drink dance sing dress up in costumes and wet our pants. I hate that i missed all the fun...but this crap economy wouldn't allow a weekend away.
So, here are my fabulous cousins (with The Grandmother), all on our best behavior cause we just got out of church.... don't let anyone fool you- these people are FREAKS! and I LOVE THEM!!!!

And now- a couple of pics of us "showin out"-- We are all singing a song mama wrote for The Grandmother's 90th birthday-- yes, that fabulous lady is now NINETY ONE-- can you believe it?

Don't you wish you were here?
Happy Friday everyone!

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