Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blossom Buddies

Please check out this beautiful craft- and just in time for spring! We NEED to do this, EVERYONE. I want y'all to get excited, get your friends together, and at the first sign of spring, start collecting little flower petals and other botanical-type-trimmings. Actually, you could make these little people out of just about anything... I am imagining some really scary ones made out of twisty twigs and crunchy fall leaves.. and maybe a berry or two... Posibilities are limitless!!!
Anyhoo, I really just wanted to give y'all something nice to look at and to highlight the talented artist who created these beautiful little flower people. Her name is Elsa Mora, and she is amazingly gifted. She draws, she creates papercut sculptures, she works with porcelain, she makes toys, jewelry, clothing, and doll houses.... oh, and she walks for autism. Please go visit her blog and her etsy shop.... enjoy!