Thursday, March 12, 2009

Note to self

I'm getting a little frustrated with my giving challenge. I want to give certain things to certain people but I am low on the funds right now so i can't really buy anything so I am only giving time.... If I were to hear those words come out of someone else's mouth, this is what i would say to that someone, "Giving your time to a person or a cause or whatever is one of the most important gifts of all. Anyone can buy things. Your time is valuable, and to give it away to another is a precious gift!" That's what I would say- so why don't i just listen to myself?? I guess I will.

This week i am devoting my afternoons to working on the design for my friend Jason's new restaurant in Athens, AL- The Limestone Tavern. He asked me to/is letting me design the facade and create the logo which i'll paint on the front window.... I am having SUCH a great time! I found a photo of the place online and i am playing around with it in photoshop- changing the color of the brick and all the trim to reflect the new design. Jason has no idea I am doing all this, so Sunday, when we drive to Athens to check it out in person, I am gonna "present" my design to him... I think hes gonna freak! In a good way! Heres what the place looks like now-

When I'm done its gonna look like a modern take on an old fashioned tavern-- think Irish Pub meets...... well, I don't yet know what the Irish pub meets. But, trust me, its gonna be fabulous.

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