Tuesday, March 3, 2009

9am: The Snow

I woke up at 8:45 and peeped out my window to see the snow tipping down! Immediately flipped to the weather channel to gague how long I could sleep in and still not miss the prime snow time. Mr. Weather Man told me i had until 10:45..... "Get up Clarke!!!!" Below is a pictoral journey through my first Alabama Snow Day.

Anyone remember that art installation in Central Park, NYC called "The Gates"..... We have our own version at the Red Mountain Villas!

This was taken in the back yard of my NEW HOUSE!

These are the steps leading up to my NEW HOUSE! and no, that blurry-ness is not an effect- I had just taken a substantial spill (slippery boots) and broke my fall with my camera.... That blurry-ness is snow tightly packed into the lense area... whoops!

The last time I ever saw my Grandaddy Varner he was in the hospital, sick from cancer. He was wearing a bright red union suit. We all told him he looked so handsome and cheery- just like a cardinal. Now whenever I see a cardinal, I feel like its my Grandaddy, stopping by to say "I love you" and to make sure I'm doing ok.
this photo was retouched by my awesome hubby-- I love photoshop-- and my awesome hubby.

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