Monday, April 27, 2009


I just ran across this little posting at one of my fav blogs- Vintage Indie - and i wanted to share with all of you (2 people who read my blog) what my goal for the summer will be....

L. earn how to let go of what is holding you back.

I. nclude the whole family in caring for your home and responsibilities

V. ow to build a strong family foundation.

E. njoy LIFE

This sounds like a FABULOUS way to spend the summer- no? Especially that last one. I am constantly having to remind myself to be in the moment, to enjoy what is happening in my life right NOW. And to be perfectly honest- I'm tired of having that conversation with myself. I'm ready to actually change. To actually BE happy here and now. 'Cause life is a gift, not a given.

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  1. I read your blog, so there are more than two people who read it (unless you counted me in that number!). No really, I do read your blog and love knowing what is going on with you!