Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm hanging pictures on the walls

I guess that means i'm pretty serious. About living in this house. I am actually expending energy to arrange and hang my art on the walls of this house that i live in....dare I call it my home? I dare not. I'll tell ya a little secret though: I'm begining to LOVE THIS HOUSE. I knew i would. Its really so great, and if my effing camera wasn't broken (oh yeah, my effing camera is broken thats why my posts have been so wordy and not at all picture-y) I would be posting pictures of my sweet little bungalow. Theres just so much light! and space! and there are so many rooms! And my husband and I can stomp around on the floors and sing at the tops of our lungs and there are no neighbors to bang on the walls and yell, "shut up!"

Heres some great news: For the past two days we've had electricians, plumbers, and HVAC dudes at our house installing heaters and AC units and roto-rooting....
Heres some not great news: my bathroom and EVERYTHING IN IT is blanketed in a fine white dust becuase when the dude cut through the ceramic tile to make a space for the new vent, he DIDN'T TAKE ANYTHING OUT OF THE BATHROOM. If I had known they were gonna be cutting holes in the floor, I would have cleard out the room myself. But now our toothbrushes are covered in tile dust which, as it were, is terrible for your enamel.

theres your update.

Heres a picture of my favorite sneakers and the fabulous socks i like to wear with them....

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