Thursday, April 9, 2009

cake cake cake cake cake CAKE!

Its called a "chocolate roll" and its a family tradition We cannot and will not have a birthday without a chocolate roll. I've made it a few times, but I can't really remember the recipe- I know you use a bunch of egg whites, whip those up till they make soft peaks, fold in coco and sugar.... and then.... something else..... and then you bake it. It doesn't rise like other cakes but instead makes a nice flat spongy sheet that you then slather with REAL whipping cream-not that cool whip crap. Then you roll it up and continue the whipping cream slathering over top..... SO GOOD.

My fabulous sister, Caroline, made this beautiful creation for my birthday party....

This is actually 2 chocolate rolls snugged up next to each other.
And heres what it looks like inside......

Oh yeah- just before you eat it your piece, you drizzle with a little chocolate sauce and oh my goodness. its a little piece of heaven.
Thank you Caroline!!!!

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  1. ...I'm too fixated on the fact that you said "snugged up"...