Monday, April 13, 2009

Dreaming of paint and fabric and more time and more money

Its killing me. I want to spend a solid week in my new house arranging, rearranging, painting, sewing, and decorating. I also want about 500 bucks. I think I could do it with 500 bucks. Last night i finished designing our bedroom in my mind. I am going with a deep turquoise, mustard yellow (Frenchs...not Grey Poupon), pea green, and white color scheme- with dashes of chocolate brown and sandy tan... and maybe a pop of sunny yellow or orangy orange..... I have big plans that involve curtains, a fabulous paint job on my 2 dressers, and maybe some throw pillows.... But of course, this is all in my dreams because i have no money and no time. GAH.

But I'm not complaining- things are gonna get better. They can't get much worse! I know!! Lets take a look at some inspiration pics i've been collecting for my bedroom...

This is the look I'm going for on my big chest of drawers...

I think I'm gonna use the technique shown in the first image- letting the wood show thru to create the image- but I like the yellow of the last image- and i think the image in the middle is the most like the flower design that i want to use (and its a sweet little room- check out those framed silhouettes on the wall- made from wall paper swatches!!)
More later.... i'm gonna be scouring the fabric stores on line and in my hood for the next week or so to find fabulously affordable and fabulously fabulous fabric for my bedroom and living room... we have 26 windows which I love..... but thats quite a few curtains.... So bedroom and living room take priority- then I will move on to the windows in the dining room, guest room, office and maybe the kitchen... my goodness. This is gonna be fun.

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