Friday, April 17, 2009

Horoscope Shmoroscope

I just read these things for fun- really i do! But for some reason, (cosmic? fated? coincidence?)these things are starting to seem eerily appropriate. read this:

You have fallen down the rabbit hole and nothing is the same as it was. The most stable things you once took for granted are now as pliable as silly putty. Your fantasies may seem so real that you could be a bit lost in the outer world. But not to worry; today marks a turning point in your battle to regain control of your life. Fix the problems within your imagination first. When your thoughts are in order, the rest will follow soon enough

Ummmmm. Someone asked me this morning how i was doing and I ALMOST SAID THAT EXACT PARAGRAPH WORD FOR WORD. Whats going on? I know i sound a little dramatic, but things are pretty darn dramatic in my world right now. We still don't have any heat in our new house (nor do we have air conditioning, but its not hot enough for that yet- in fact- its effing freezing at night.) We also have a plumbing issue: can't flush the toilet when taking a shower or the toilet over flows- or it backs up into the shower that is already filling up due to some monstrous clog lurking in the pipes. AND I have been calling the landlord since April 7th and haven't heard ONE WORD from him. The last time we talked, he had scheduled the HVAC guy to come by on 4.11 to install our new Heating and Air unit...... that was over a week ago.... I don't know whether to unpack or repack. One minute I am cruising craigslist for new furniture postings, and the next i am cruising for house rentals. Bi-polar. This is not fun.

So heres what we do. We enjoy each new day. We try to make the best of our situation. We thank God that we have a roof over our heads, a good job, food on the table and family and friends that love us. We call the landlord daily. And in the background we are keeping an ear out for any new houses...

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