Friday, February 27, 2009


We got a house!! We are now the proud renters of 1045 Green Springs Ave-- I will have pics for ya on monday. Its perfectly fabulous. And I can't stop thinking about it. I couldn't sleep last night cause i was decorating all the rooms in my head- arranging furniture, hanging pictures on the walls, painting.... I was busy :)

Anyway- I got to work and immediately hit up all my fav interior design sites.... I got a little hung up on wallpaper. Heres what i love at this moment:

How fun would it be to hang mini pics inside each of these frames? you could even color them in.... I am LOVING that idea.

So, I am discovering that i lean towards a nature theme or a 1960's acid trip! But this is just a start.
I have 15 or so picture frames and mirror frames of various sizes and would love to frame pieces of wallpaper- That way I'm not covering an entire wall that i will have to rip down when we move again- If ya frame it, ya take it with ya! I'm imagining a wall covered in frames, some filled with wallpaper, some empty... it would feel a little something like this:

I also have a vision of a baby's nursery (surprise surprise)- I'll paint the ceiling and walls just down to about 3 ft from the floor a nice pale blue or turquoise, then go green down to the floor. Then i find some funky patterned wallpaper and cut out a huge tree- smack that on the wall- cut out some birds out of a diff design to sit on the branches and fly in the sky- and maybe a few fun animals to walk around the room-- these are not going to be detailed cutouts, just sillhouettes really....I gotta find the paper and then i will do an inspiration board of the design to share with ya- Stay tuned!!!!

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