Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Because

Just because its Wednesday and i don't really have anything to say- doesn't mean i should ignore my blog...right? what i did today? Took my friend Hannah to get her jaw xrayed. My friend is so brave. They tried to numb her jaw first (which in itself is mega painful) then they injected dye into her jaw. . . she said she could feel the dye sweeping across her face. Then they took a quick pic of her jaw bone and she was done. But not so much. Cause she still can't open her mouth with out being in serious pain. And for a few hours the right side of her face was a little droopy.

While i was waiting for Hannah, I sat in a tiny room with your classic little old man: skinny arms and legs, a little hunched over, long scruffy face and white grey hair- only this little old man was wearing a grey tobogan. Yep- He had on old grey new balance sneakers, white socks pulled ALL the way up, a hospital gown that flapped open in the back and revealed his grey with maroon paisley boxer shorts and white undershirt, HUGE glasses, and a grey tobogan. And he had one of the hospital attendants bring him a blanket cause he was "chilled". What an adorable guy. I think he was there cause he was having digestion issues- He said something about strictures and a bleeding ulcer and then he fell asleep. Precious.

So that was my morning- oh- and i also worked the whole time. Thats the great/not at all great thing about are never more than a click away from your work. I can work from absolutely anywhere- and i have! The movie theater, the car, the shower.. you name it, I have emailed from it. Not gonna lie, I kind of hate that device.

Tonight I am going straight home to study for my precal test tomorrow... and probably going to bed super early again- I have been SO tired lately. Don't know if its stress or the time of year or what, but i could lay my head down anywhere and fall immediately to sleep. I need to get that checked out.

OK- thanks for stopping by- happy Wednesday!

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