Thursday, February 5, 2009

Amigurumi-- what?

So- I'm picking up the hook again. I haven't held a crochet hook in almost a whole year! Last winter i made the most amazing hat, but it took almost 2 weeks of straight crocheting. My hands fell off and i had tunnel vision for a month--i got seriously burned out. And then i moved to Alabama where people don't need warm winter hats with giant pom-poms on the top. . . what a waste. Sometimes i wear it anyway and pretend i'm in NYC.... and then my head starts sweating.
But I digress! I have decided to pick up the hook once more and start on some of the projects i've had brewing in my little brain. I'm starting with a sweet stuffed animal- a gift for a new baby girl. I can't decide which one to make though, so i grabbed some pics off the world wide interweb and thought i would share them with the two people who read my blog in hopes we can come to a decision....

This one i've made before- for Baby Fabulous (aka Sally Beck)- and yes, it turned out pretty darn fabulous.

This one is called "Mr. Funky Bunny in a Dress"-- thats right, MR. Funky Bunny. I could not resist.

Again, so effing cute.

All these pics come with free patterns- just click on the links and you'll find em-- You can also do a search for "Amigurumi"- thats a japanese word for the art of knitting or crocheting little stuffed animals or inanimate objects with anthropomorphic features (thank you Wikipedia)
All Amigurumi are insanely adorable, and some of the non-animals are the cutest- i have seen cupcakes, coffee cups, even a cactus wearing a hair bow that was so precious i almost melted. seriously. So- help me decide what to make for this new little baby i know, and enjoy your new japanese word.

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