Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sally is gonna be so embarrassed....

Look who I got to spend Valentine's weekend with! Of course my husband was there too- but lets focus on little Pound Cake for a minute. She is the definition of Fabulous. She will also probably hate me when she turns 12 and realizes that her Aunt blogged about bath time, but goodness gracious-- Have you ever seen anything so adorable? Sorry Sally, you are just too cute for words- I had to do it. You will do it to your baby one day, so just get over it!

This was the first time I drained all the water out and told Sally, "all done! Ready to get out?" She didn't budge. Apparently bath time was not over. I filled up the tub again.

This one looks JUST LIKE my sister- Sally's mama- when she was Sally's age.

I love this one. Please look at the My Little Pony in the background- she has had quite enough bathtime for one day.

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