Monday, February 23, 2009

Lets talk Design.

Since the name of my blog is "A. Fabulous Design" its about time i started talking about design- doncha think?

When i was home over Valentines weekend, I not only took 3 billion pictures of my fabulous niece, but also took a nice walk outside in my parent's yard and practiced using my new camera. I think i got some nice shots...

I have always been intrigued by extreme closeups. I love getting an inch away from a rain droplet hanging from a blade of grass- an "ants eye view" of the world.

I'm also amazed by the colors that appear in nature- this is a tree trunk- not sure what kind of tree- shoulda asked my Daddy! Anyway, I was stunned by how much color was on one tree trunk. I'm thinking these images would look great printed on stretched canvas -- Maybe in a boys bedroom? They have that "cammo" look to them.

They would also work in a mountain house or lodge-- 8x10 with a wide white mat-- hung very symmetrically, maybe in a horizontal line eye level around the room...think "modern cabin chic"- very Vern Yip from Trading Spaces!

Then I found some kind of scrubby weed that had arranged its little dew droplets in such perfectly straight lines- so impressive! I always think of nature as being wild and unruly- it surprises me when i come across this level of order among the seeming chaos. . .

These would also look nice in a cotttage or mountain house, but I may blow them up and hang them in my sunporch, among my indoor plants (this is, of course, an imaginary sunporch as i am still living in the dumb apartment- yes, I do design imaginary rooms in imaginary houses, its one of my favorite things to do)
Finally, I took some shots of my all time fav. flower- the daffodill!! I love these guys- they are the heralds of spring! They take risks-coming out when theres still a chill in the air to give us the good news: "hang in there guys- spring is almost here!"

I played around with a few effects- saturation and black and white focus mainly....
Hope you enjoyed your visit today!!
Happy Monday!

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