Friday, February 6, 2009


Look what i got today! To commemorate the closing of domino magazine, I bought myself this fabulous book (sorry honey, consider it my Valentines Day present :)

It is truly a must have for anyone who cares about decorating. Go out and buy one- oh, and ignore the special gift offer: one domino magazine subscription included with the purchase of this book. . . not so much.

This book is beautiful from cover to cover. Its a real shame that this publication had to fall victim to our crap economy. Lets all say a prayer for those who find themselves without a job due to this newest economic casualty. However.... i think we can also celebrate this time in our history as a moment to collectively step back, get our spending habits under control (as i ask you to go out and buy a book- HA!), and remember there are other definitions for the words value and worth-they don't have to be associated with dollar signs. Hmmmmm....this makes me think of another great thing i ran across this week- The Handmade Pledge!

Go to this website and you can pledge to buy more handmade/homeade items- this way we are all supporting each other while giving big-business-corporate-america a time out (they need to sit in the corner and think about what they have done). From that site you can link around to their blog and to many other fabulous sites devoted to hand crafted wares....

OK- thats all- enjoy your weekend my friends!

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