Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wedding Crashers

So Clarke and I were invited to a party for a couple of friends who got married out of town. They came back to Birmingham and threw a raucous event at Vulcan Monument Park (gorgeous setting that overlooks downtown B'ham with a giant statue of the god Vulcan that you can climb to the top of Statue-of-Liberty-style) We signed our little RSVP card, I marked the date on the calendar, time passed.... and then the weekend was upon us! I put on my fancy dress and my high heels, and Clarke donned his cool tie/vest/slacks combo and away we went. The first thing I noticed were the flowers- oodles of fresh flowers on every flat surface, draped over the railings, I think even Vulcan himself was holding a bouquet aloft instead of his usual arrow. Clarke and I signed the guest book and started mingling. We didn't really know anyone there, but didn't expect to either as these were old friend's of Clarke's from WAY back in high school. I wanted to take a look at all the food, so we wound our way past the dance floor and were just about to get in line for a refreshing beverage when I spotted a couple of gents in tuxes. Now, our friend's wedding took place a few weeks prior to this party, and while I knew this was gonna be a "fancy dress" party, the invite did not say "black tie". "Hmmmm" I thought to myself, "Those guys sure are over dressed!" I leaned over to Clarke and asked, "have you seen the happy couple yet?" "Nope", he replied, "I wonder where they are?" We decided to start looking for them. As we passed the GIGANTIC wedding cake we both started feeling a little uneasy. We hung a left at the gaggle of girls in matching bridesmaid dresses and REALLY started to feel uneasy. Where are our friends? Why is everyone so dressed up and in matching outfits? Clarke suggested we climb to the top of the Vulcan monument to watch the sunset. From up there we could get a better view of the party and freely discuss the fact that we might, just might, be crashing someone else's wedding reception. So we climbed. And from atop Vulcan's perch, the sweet sounds of the motown band drifting up to meet us, we gazed at a glorious sunset.

Breathtaking, I know!
But back to issue-at-hand. Clarke and I added up what we knew so far: 1. There were dudes in tuxes and dudettes in matching dresses. 2.There was a wedding cake. 3. There was a motown band which is a staple of any good southern wedding reception. 4. There wasnt' a jew in sight- oh yeah, our friends who were throwing this party are jewish.

I think we are at the wrong party.

So do I.

And then we laughed and laughed and laughed... And then we went back down and got a drink, congratulated the happy couple (yes, we finaly found them, bride and groom, wedding dress and tux, we had NO IDEA who they were) and went on home...laughing all the way.

We are wedding (reception) crashers.

See- what had happened wuz..... I marked the wrong date on the calendar. The party we were supposed to attend had already come and gone- we were off by 2 weeks! But what a lovely event we attended. Couldn't have been better! I'd just like to say "Thank you" to the Bride and Groom for throwing such a fabulous affair. I wish you happiness and much love as you start your new life together as man and wife. And thanks for the beers too.

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