Friday, June 19, 2009

H to the O to the T

Whoa. It is HOT.
I forgot about the HOT.
How could I not?
When you live in a spot thats so rarely hot, you forget.
I forgot!
And now I am HOT.

I step outside and immediately melt.
Its been 5 years since I felt heat like this.
Its smothering, suffocating, sizzling stuff.
I thought I was tough.
I'm not.
I'm HOT.

Its hard to breathe, its hard to move.
Just sitting still causes sweat to pool.
My clothes are drippy, my pits are sticky.
I try to look cool.
I'm not.
I'm HOT.

I've changed clothes 7 times.
I've written silly rhymes.
Theres no denying
For the next 3 months we'll be frying.

Whoa. It is HOT.

I forgot about the hot.

But at least

Its not


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