Wednesday, July 15, 2009

OMG I think I just died laughing...

I have a Betta fish named Francis Ronwell Quincy Dobbs (Quincy for short).......

And I think he is a little cold so I was online researching fish tank heaters..... and I ran across this posting on some weirdo Betta Fish Forum and , good grief, I laughed so hard I wet myself........

I got my first betta on Wednesday. I thought it might have ammonia poisoning, so I changed the water yesterday and twice today because it looked to be gasping for air. Now it's standing on its head (head down at the bottom, mouth gasping, tail at the top, fins spread out) and I have no idea what it's doing. I am a first time fish owner, and none of the websites I've found are much of a help. Please help. Thanks.

EDIT- Now he's swimming around, but his smaller fins are moving rapidly and he can't seem to stay at the top of the tank for extended periods of time. Also, he pulled the standing on his head stunt again, except the tail section started going sideways. He's gonna die, isn't he?

DOUBLE EDIT- He is not shimmying along the bottom, and along with the fact he hasn't eaten much, I don't think it's swim bladder.

TRIPLE EDIT- He just went to the top, took a breath, and seemed to literally slide downwards head first. He is still gasping for air.

4th edit- (several hours later) Now he's swimming erratically around his bowl. He'll do that for a bit than sink back to the bottom. WTH is going on?

5th edit- Never mind. He just died.

Now, I know that because I was visiting a weirdo Betta Fish Forum, because I think my fish is cold, makes me a weirdo by association. And I am prepared to accept that- whats more, I think its great cause if I hadn't been looking around for suggestions on how to warm up my fish (which by the way is accomplished with a heater or heat lamp) then I may have never run across this amazingly hilarious posting chronicling the slow demise of a Betta fish. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!

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