Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ode to Phil Spector's Hair

I can't resist. I started something and, darn it, I have to finish it. Phil Spector has had more hairdos than Dolly Parton and I have become more than a little obsessed with this dude's "Do". Mainly because he started out so "normal" looking and over the years he has gotten...well... OUT OF CONTROL. And I think its safe to assume that his wack-a-do hairstyles directly correlate to his wack-a-do life choices. Lets take a stroll down hairdo lane......

What sweet boyish charm- Can you believe he used to be in a band called "The Teddy Bears"?

The "Cool Dude Eats a Candy Cane" look. and PS- I LOVE those glasses

His futures SO Bright...... Oh, if he only knew......

Whos got rose colored glasses and one thumb.... this guy.

And heres where it starts to go terribly terribly wrong...... I ask again, can you believe THIS GUY (who is not-so-subtly giving "the finger" to someone in the court room) was in a band called "The Teddy Bears"???

The "Wet Dog Wears Too Much Rouge" look

little picture, fat face

Big picture, skinny face

The "Holy Crap I Can't Believe Your Hair Can Actually Do That" look

ps- I had BIG PLANS to do a little more research into Mr. Spectors life and try to prove my thesis that whacked out life choices = whacked out hairdos. But then I realized I'm not really interested in doing all that work and would rather just laugh at the man. But I will keep this thesis in the back of my mind in case I'm struggling for term paper topics next semester....

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