Thursday, May 28, 2009

New House Update!

Soooooooooooo...... I've been busy. I know I know- thats no excuse for ignoring the old blog. Please accept my humble apologies. And PLEASE take a look at what I've been doing!!!!

This is the fireplace area in my Dining Room/foyer/library (its a small house, it has to multitask!)

And heres my little library- I love this spot.

This is my guest room/craft room/dressing room (again, multitasking is a must.)

If you spend the night with me, you get to sleep in this FABULOUS bed! Don't you love it?

And this is my "dressing table"/ craft station.

And finally a few cute shots of my fuzzys enjoying the backyard.....

Oscar's thoughful spot

Hampton has a very green thumb.

And this guy (I never did get his name) hung out on my geraniums ALL day. I have several great shots- its almost like he was posing!

I didn't do any color correction on these pics- the flowers are as red as can be, but when i took the picture that yellow and orange showed up-- I think its FABULOUS.

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