Monday, August 24, 2009

GAH. when is she gonna stop talking about her DOG?

Hmmmmmmm. long time no write. What have I been doing, you ask? Well. It goes a little something like this....

5:30 wake up!
5:45 take Hazel for a walk to wear her little puppy bootie out.
6:30 shower and stuff
7:30 go to work
12:30 home to give Hazel a wee wee break and a quick smootchie
1:30 back to work
5:00 home to play with Hazel and wear her out again before...
7:00 class!
8:15 back home for some dinner and maybe see the hubs (but maybe not cause he's working on a movie this month)
9:30 finally sleeping.
(3:30am possibly waking up for a midnight wee wee break with Hazel- tiny puppy bladders! aaaagggghhh!)

so thats my life. heres the stuff i don't do since Hazel came into our lives...

1. grocery shopping- not that i did that before Hazel got here, no, that was Clarke's job. But since he started work on this film (which i haven't really even written about and will do so in the near future) he doesn't even have time to brush his teeth. So thats become my job. (not the teeth brushing- the grocery shopping) So we have been eating alot of takeout and fast food. you can't go to the grocery store with a puppy. and you can't leave a puppy at home unattended. we crate her during the work day, but once i get home she is ready to play! so, no, i don't go to the grocery store.
2. run various errands - like going to the bank, buying stamps, clothes shopping, hair cutting.... nope. those don't get done either. not enough time in the day. I do go to PetSmart and PetCo and PetWorld to purchase a new chewie toy at least once a week, because, of course, i can take Hazel there. So my dog and my cats do still eat good food and have sufficient toys on which to chew or claw or bat about. Clarke and i however stick to crap food and have no new toys on which to chew or claw or bat about.
3. visit my friends- I'm not sure i have friends anymore. Except for Hazel.
4. sleep- i don't sleep that much due to mid night wee breaks and early mornig walk-abouts. But that part is getting better. As she gets older her bladder has to get bigger, right? And I know she can't maintain this level of energy for the rest of her life, right? Ye GADS, I hope I'm right.

I'm being a little dramatic (as usual). I do still have a few friends and I did find time to grocery shop last tuesday. And I have to say that I am seriously enjoying my walks with Hazel- shes just so darn cute and smart and sweet- she brings out the best in everyone she meets- how do dogs do that? Having a dog has changed my life for the better. And this puppy stage doesn't last forever. (right?) So I am enjoying every moment with my sweet Hazel. And as soon as Clarke wraps on this shoot, we can have fresh veggies again on a regular basis :)

Side note: I'm doing something creative this weekend! I've got 2 cans of saddle brown spray paint, and 1 can of sunshine yellow paint and I have been ITCHING to get messy! Expect to see a few Fabulous pictures later next week....

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