Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aunt Fabulous.... are you there?

So it seems ever since I was laid off, my blogging has slacked significantly. I guess there are a few positive aspects to being chained to a computer all day long. What's funny is I feel just as busy as I did when I had a job... I have no problem filling up my day with "To-Dos"!

Allow me to fill you, the world wide interweb, in on what has been happening in Aunt Fab's life over the past few weeks....

1. We are moving! We have 2 options for cute little houses with fenced in backyards (Hazel is SO happy about that) and cheaper rent (The humans are SO happy about that). We have to make a decision in a few days and then.... let the packing begin!!!!
2. School is almost over and I have the month of May off before summer semester begins! YAY.
3. I am producing a movie event! With the help of some stellar individuals here in B'ham, I am producing a screening of FRESH by ana Sofia Joanes. The movie night is a kick-off event for a Book-Club/Discussion Group that I am also organizing. The Book Club will meet once a month for 6 months and we are starting it all off by reading a collection of articles and essays written by famous "food scholars" like Michael Pollan, and Wendell Berry. Its gonna be awesome.
4. Speaking of movies, we saw a screening of the movie "Lifted" last night. Clarke was Art Director on that film! It was a sweet little movie- no big blockbuster or anything- but it has a nice message and some great talent (Ruben Studdard, what WHAT!?!)
5. I've been busy creating.... wanna see?

Collage Art...


learning how to Appliqué...

Happy Thursday!