Tuesday, February 16, 2010

True Love Knows no Bounds

WARNING: if you are grossed out by rats or snakes, you will not want to click on this link.....

Carla and her Friend


Don't make your mind up just yet- hear me out. The link takes you to Nina Katchadourian's website. She is an artist. She is quirky, intelligent, clever, likes maps, and- as many artists do- she sees the world differently than the average man and is generous enough to share her visions. I encourage you to visit her website. The story of Carla and her Friend is what first drew me in- its facinating and challenges the way I think about love, friendship, right and wrong.... and I also think its super cute. But then I also like rats and snakes. My other favorites are Renovated Mushroom and Sorted Books.

Enjoy! Happy Tuesday!

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