Monday, February 28, 2011

shes back! with more fabulous!!!

Hey Hey! I'm still here. I been doing some things..... but now those things are almost done and I was TOTALLY inspired today (by my dear friend Bongo Moon) to write a new post about an artist I discovered. So- without further Ado- I would like to introduce....


He's been around the artworld for many years, and I am certain I've seen and loved his work before, but never was able to put a name with the art. His website is phenomenal so do check it out....

Here are some of my favorites. He works in may different mediums but I believe these are all acrylic on wood canvas.... emjoy! Then go to his website for more fun :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I moved back in with my parents. For awhile. I don't really feel like writing about it right now.

What I did want to mention, however, is that my sister Caroline is ENGAGED! To a WONDERFUL man. I am absolutely in awe of Caroline and her fiancée. They are both so honest, caring, mature, and full of life and love. I know they are making measured and careful decisions about their future, which is very key when starting a life together. My hope is that they will always be honest with each other. Not the kind of oops-I-left-the-gate-open-and-the-dog-got-out honesty, but the bare-your-soul-ugly-truth kind of honesty. The kind that hurts feelings at first. The kind that causes anger, shame, and doubt at first. Without this level of honesty, a marriage rests on sinking sand.

But thats quite enough of that.

Its PARTY TIME!!! Here's to you Caroline and Brandon!! I am so thankful to be home with y'all celebrating in this season of love, new beginnings, and hope for the future.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

AHHHHHH..... Life.

Life is good. I am not where I want to be right now. I don't have the perfect job and neither does my husband. I am not pregnant. I don't own a house or have a savings account to speak of . I am barely squeaking by each month paying my bills. But I know, in my heart, that life is good. God is good. And things can only get better. I think I have a hard year ahead of me. I know I am going to be making some tough decisions. But I know that I will be sustained through those decisions and hard times by a love that is greater than my understanding.

So I enjoy the struggle. It reminds me that I am alive. And life is so very good.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


  • Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors
  • I am 31 years old
  • January 31 is the 31st day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar
  • Proverbs 31: 30-31....
    30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
    but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

    31 Give her the reward she has earned,
    and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

  • My progesterone level is 31 (!)
I really just wanted to talk about my progesterone level, but thought it wouldn't be so shocking if I lead you there through some seemingly innocuous factoids about the number 31.... did it work? Are you shocked? Well, to bad. I am SO PUMPED. Do you realize what this means? I, Aunt Fabulous, the "non-ovulator", have definitely ovulated. You can't help but ovulate if you have that much progesterone in your body. Most people are between a 10 and 20.... I am THIRTY ONE!!! For those of you who are still scratching your head, this is a pretty big deal. My hubs and I have been trying to conceive for almost 2 years now and, to be blunt, I'm tired of trying. I'm ready for results. However, I do feel torn about it. In order to get my body to do what it should be doing naturally, I had to take medication. I want to be a mother more than just about anything, and I'm quickly finding that I would go to any length to achieve motherhood- but somewhere in the back of my mind a little voice keeps saying, "if your body isn't doing it on its own, is it wise to force the issue?" If a person can't have a baby naturally, should they have one at all? This thought makes me very unpopular with myself. Of course I should have a baby, you insensitive schmo! I'm going to be an incredible-unbelievable-magical-mega-super-fantastical-MAMA! So why can't I just create the dang child? Why do I need medical assistance? Is the universe trying to tell me something? OR have we humans done such terrible things to our food and water and who knows what else, that we are causing an exaggerated number women to become infertile- many more than nature ever intended? Thats the answer I'm leaning towards. Because I do know so many women who have been struggling with infertility far longer than I. And these ladies are going to make tremendous mothers. And advances in medicine and technology are a blessing for all of us. I mean, hey, last month I was a 3 and today I'm a 31!! If thats not a miracle of modern science...... So lets raise a glass to clomid, ovulation, progesterone, and "relations", and say a little prayer that this time it works!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Happy....

I'm also happy about today.
  • Today I'm seasoning my new cast iron skillet
  • I hung more curtains in my house, and some pictures
  • I've got a new craft project! See....
Well, I can't seem to find my camera (not happy about that) so I can't post pics of my new project. Boo. I guess I'll have to post more pics of my cute house :)

And I'm happy cause I'm going to dinner and a movie on Thursday with a dear dear friend of mine who I haven't seen in quite awhile. There is so much to be happy about!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy about today....

  • We got rain early this morning so that makes me happy.
  • This is my sisters first day of school- she is a new kindergarten teacher and I am so proud/impressed/in awe of her amazing teacher-skills!
  • Today is "canning day"- I get to learn how to make soup and then put it up for winter.
  • Today marks the first day of the last week of my two week summer break. I'm happy to have one more week, but even happier that I'll be back in school :)
  • Hazel and I are going to spend the morning swimming in the lake at Oak Mountain State park- it doesn't get much better than that!
  • And finally, seeing pics of these little girls .........

Makes me so so happy!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hello Again!

I know. Its been awhile. Lets just forget about it and move on.

I'm sitting on the couch next to my dog who just barfed up pieces of a corn cob. We haven't had corn in a week. I googled "Dog just barfed corn cob" and it seems this is a common event. Who knew? Corn cobs are actually very destructive to dog intestines. Again, who knew? Lets all say a collective prayer that Hazel got the cob out of her system cause a trip to the emergency room is just not in the budget this month!

So..... heres some pics of some of my favorite things.....

I admit it--- this is kinda a crap blog post. But its a start. I'll be writing again with more regularity..... I think :)